A Destination Wedding in Three Parts…. A Provincetown Wedding on the Beach



The members of this very fun wedding party got ready for the big day at Provincetown’s Surfside. Sarah had her dress custom made. She purchased fabric for each of her bridesmaids and asked that they have a dress made in their home towns. Each of these amazing women had a dress that suited her personality perfectly. Sarah, trusting her friends completely, didn’t see their dresses until they were wearing them on the wedding day. Sarah and Nick exchanged vows and tied the knot at the water’s edge. Their talented friends supplied the music. The couple  chose the Surf Club near MacMillion Pier for their reception. Beautiful toasts were made in English and French. They shared a wonderful meal with friends and family. They honored traditions of their families and came up with a few of their own. It was a lovely fun and elegant day.
provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography2 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography3 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography4 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography5 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography6 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography7 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography8 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography9 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography10 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography11 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography12 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography13 provincetown_oceanside_surfclub_destination_wedding_elizabethmassaphotography14

Looking Back… A Destination Wedding in Three Parts… The Rehearsal Dinner




Family and friends gathered in Provincetown, MA for Sarah and Nick’s three day wedding celebration. Sarah’s parents hosted a wonderfully fun and relaxed welcome dinner at their home. Guests from around the world ate, drank and danced into the night. Many were meeting for the first time and would become fast friends. The excitement and anticipation of the next day’s wedding filled the air.

provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography2 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography3 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography4 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography5 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography6 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography7 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography8 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography9 provincetown_rehearsal_dinner_elizabeth_massa_photography10


Iris Luxe Books

One of my favorite things to do is making storybooks for my clients. This lovely book tells the story of Jess and John’s grand and elegant Philadelphia wedding. It is an Iris Luxe Book with a custom slip cover and echoes the hues of their wedding. With a wide selection of beautiful silk cover fabrics and marbled end pages, these books are so clean and classic. Each is book is custom designed here at the studio and then sent to our bookbinder to be printed and bound with great care.

wedding_albums_purple_elizabeth_massa_photography wedding_albums_purple_elizabeth_massa_photography2

Dreaming of warmer days… A Provincetown Elopement.

I love winter, but as the temperature dips low low, I must admit I am dreaming of warm summer evenings on the beach. Race Point Beach in Provincetown, MA is one of my favorite places in the world. The crowds of beachgoers clears out for the day just as the light begins to to get that soft magical quality. The beach is left with the sounds of the surf, the wonderful ocean breeze and the sea air. It is the perfect setting to elope. Photographing a wedding is always an honor. Being asked to photograph an elopement is quite a treat. It is one of those truly intimate experiences. On this lovely Cape Cod evening it was the happy couple, the Justice of the Peace, and me. It was such a pleasure to witness and document this wonderful couple’s vows.


Race Point Beach, Provincetown, MA Elopement

Race Point Beach, Provincetown, MA Elopement

Race Point Beach, Provincetown, MA Elopement LGBT Wedding Marriage Equality