A celebration of athleticism, courage and joy…. images from a photo documentary with SONJ

A while back I had the opportunity to work on a documentary project with a group of remarkable athletes. Over the course of several months I photographed and got to know the stories of some of the people who are Special Olympics New Jersey. Days were filled with basketball practice, swim meets, the big game, hours in the gym and cheering in the stands. SONJ does amazing things. It is a community of amazing people. My wife and I have been training for a fundraising spin challenge. Please help us support the Special Olympics of NJ by sponsoring me in the 3 Hour National Parks Challenge spin. We have the privilege to ride with some of the Special Olympic athletes each week and I have to say that they are amazing and inspiring! Any donation is greatly appreciated. Here is the link. Thanks!

sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography2 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography3 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography4 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography6 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography7 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography8

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Family Photo Tips


The air is getting crisp. The leaves are starting to change color. It’s time to start thinking about your holiday cards. The calendar is starting to fill up but there are great session dates available throughout the autumn.

Making your family photos for the holidays should be fun and easy. It’s a chance for your family to spend a little time together and be most yourself. Relax! Have some fun! You’ll be glad you did when you have photos that reflect the character of your family and show what makes your family, well, your family!

Some friendly tips for making family photo sessions fun….

Think about what it feels like to be in your least favorite suit and dress shoes (when you might rather be in your favorite comfy sweater and with your shoes kicked off), sitting in a meeting or at an event… it’s the end of the day, you’re getting hungry… and now you’re being asked to be cordial.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired and uncomfortable and hungry, I get grumpy. Take out the grumpy factors and your photo session will be much more enjoyable.

Set the tone. Set your family up for success.

Schedule your session at a sweet hour for your family. You know your family’s rhythms. Avoiding the midday sun is a good thing but knowing when the least grumpy, most awake time for your family is even better.

Keep clothing choices simple and comfortable. Let everyone’s personality shine through. Think about coordinating but not necessarily matching. Horizontal stripes are often hard for adults… they look great in person but are tricky in photographs. Stripes on kiddos, however, are very fun.

Make sure everyone has had a snack and naps have been had.

Pick a location or an activity that feels good for your family. Your backyard? The porch? Everyone piled on the couch? The park? What does your family like to do together? Do you cook, hike, climb trees?

Play! Relax! Silly can be great! Be yourself and you will be on your way to a happy photo session.