Signature Storybooks!

A new batch of Signature Storybooks has just arrived at the studio and I am loving them! I tell stories in pictures. Our Signature Storybooks are the perfect match. There are lots of wonderful options ranging from custom photo covers to fine fabrics and leathers. You can select beautiful matte or lovely watercolor paper for the pages. Each book is custom designed with care to tell a specific story. What a wonderful way to preserve your family’s stories!  These are wonderful modern heirlooms.

The new line of Signature Storybooks by Elizabeth Massa Photography is the perfect way to preserve your memories and tell the stories of your family. Summer is a wonderful time to schedule a Signature Storybook session. What story will you tell first? An afternoon at home… A peak at daily life… A trip to the park or the beach…A special visit from family or friends…Maybe a birthday celebration… Waiting for the newest addition to your family (You can see one of our favorite family’s storybook here). There are so many possibilities! I hope you enjoy the new line.

signature storybooks by elizabeth massa photography signature_storybooks_elizabeth_massa_photography2 signature_storybooks_elizabeth_massa_photography3 signature_storybooks_elizabeth_massa_photography4

A celebration of athleticism, courage and joy…. images from a photo documentary with SONJ

A while back I had the opportunity to work on a documentary project with a group of remarkable athletes. Over the course of several months I photographed and got to know the stories of some of the people who are Special Olympics New Jersey. Days were filled with basketball practice, swim meets, the big game, hours in the gym and cheering in the stands. SONJ does amazing things. It is a community of amazing people. My wife and I have been training for a fundraising spin challenge. Please help us support the Special Olympics of NJ by sponsoring me in the 3 Hour National Parks Challenge spin. We have the privilege to ride with some of the Special Olympic athletes each week and I have to say that they are amazing and inspiring! Any donation is greatly appreciated. Here is the link. Thanks!

sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography2 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography3 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography4 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography6 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography7 sonj_speical_olympics_new_jersey_elizabeth_massa_photography8

Grandpa George’s Irish Soda Bread


Every Saint Patrick’s Day my Grandpa George made his signature Irish Soda Bread. It was simply a magical event. Simple ingredients, mixed and molded with care, would transform into the most wonderful bread. The house would be filled with the sweet scent of his bread. As soon as I could stand on a chair next to him at the counter, I got to help. When I was away at school, packages of carefully wrapped bread would arrive at the campus post office. I love to bake and I tried to change the recipe… There were the whole grain attempts, swapping out honey for sugar, and an ill fated yogurt addition. Over the years I learned to make soda bread just like Grandpa and learned that some things are perfect as they are. There are a few important things about making Grandpa’s bread.  Measurements are a suggestion. Be patient and let the buttermilk, egg and baking soda do their bubbly thing is essential. You must cut the bread before baking as he would say “to let the devil out”.  Despite his recipe title, you must not add caraway seeds. Sticky is good. You must have fun. The bread will know… And share!

When Celeste and I got married we gave each of our guests a copy of this recipe and our recipe for Fig Challah. Something Old… Something New. Here are a few photos of this year’s bread and Grandpa’s recipe in his own hand.  Enjoy!
Irish Soda Bread Irish Soda Bread Irish Soda Breadsoda_bread soda_bread2


Happy Valentine’s Day! : A Very Julia Child Wedding Shower Brunch

Take a peek at this very Julia Child themed wedding shower brunch! Now I must say, we are one very lucky couple. Our family knows us well and they threw us this fabulous party! We are foodies who love bright colors, Paul and Julia Child’s love story, and all our quirky lovely people. They came up with so many wonderful ideas and in the colors we love. Heart shaped cookie cutter garlands! Wooden spoon gifts for guests… in Great Grandma Lizzy Flynn’s McCoy mixing bowl filled with red lentils! (I’m not so sure how she would feel about red lentils… a staple around here…but oh my the wonderful things that have been made in that bowl!)  Heart shaped liner cookies! All of those lovely flowers came from the good folks at Floribunda . Dave and Donna are amazingly talented. Working with them is great fun! (We loved what they came up with for our wedding!) Celeste and I were showed with the love, talent and generosity of amazing friends and family. Enjoy or maybe more fitting…Bon Appetit!

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person… you know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”        – Julia Child

julia child themed wedding shower brunch lgbt weddingjulia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj julia child themed wedding shower brunch  princeton nj lgbt wedding