Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Elizabeth’s first camera was a Kodak Instamatic X-15. It was her Grandpa George’s camera and eventually it was hers. She never did like those strange little flash cubes that clicked in on top of that camera.  For that matter she still is not in love with flash, but she and her Speedlights have reconciled and bonded. But that first camera, it was a gift like no other. George  was magical and always had his camera. Her dad had a Super 8 and great Nikon with a colorful woven strap that she still loves to use. Elizabeth would spend years as their sidekick, watching their every move, imitating their stance, holding her camera just like they did. She poured over George’s Kodachrome slides and spent countless hours sorting through her dad’s prints, the ones with the curved corners. Whole worlds exited in those images. She learned that when she looked through the viewfinder she could see the world in a whole new way. She could make time stand still for a split second. She learned that her story was important, that everyone’s story is important. She learned that the details and the environment helped tell those stories. She learned that she could look back in time. In those images she could meet amazing characters and see great places from road trips to her great grandmother’s dining room. There were stories in every frame. 

She would take those lessons with her. She holds a BA in American Studies from Smith College and a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Photography and Ethics from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. She studied at the Herron School of Art and Design, the prestigious Sculoa Internazionale di Grafica, Venezia, as well The Institute of Culinary Education. (That’s right! Elizabeth is also a trained pastry chef.) She studied with Shelby Lee Adams and Penny De Los Santos. She got her start in the field working for Thatcher Cook and Corbin Gurkin. 

Elizabeth’s approach to making images is natural and relaxed. She aims to create photographs that are beautifully honest and will hold stories for generations to come. Thousands of frames and many cameras since that first Instamatic, Elizabeth can be found in Princeton, NJ where she is making photos, cooking up a storm, and looking for stories. She has been documenting weddings and  families and shooting food and photo essays professionally for 15 years. She is available for worldwide travel.

I tell stories with pictures. I am a photographer of kids & families, of weddings and events, food & stories.”


Elizabeth (aka Liz) is a photographer, a maker of stuff, a good cook, and a daydreamer (even at night). She is the planner of fabulous fun parties. She has a fondness for newly sharpened pencils, post it notes, google eyes, road trips, brightly colored sneakers and quirky, smart people. 

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