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Hello world! It’s Lil’bit’s!

Welcome to Lil’Bit’s! This is the studio blog for Elizabeth Massa Photography. It’s a chance to look into the world of the studio, see what projects we have in the works and peek at the latest photos.  I have the honor of working with great kids and families who let me into their worlds…. every now and then I’ll give you a glimpse into my world.


Lil’bit.  It’s more than just a name. It’s a state of mind. Yep! This is where it all began. That kid with the camera? That’s me. My sense of style hasn’t changed all that much and although the camera has been upgraded from that fun little Kodak Instamatic, I do often have the same strange little stance when I photograph.





When I was a little kid, my dad called me Lil’Bit… ok so from time to time he still does and it makes me smile every time. I had the great fortune of growing up surrounded by parents and grandparents who had a great respect for kidhood, who not only encouraged but relished in imagination, exploration and wonder. From an early age I knew that silly was good and was taught that hard work and dedication brought great reward and joy. I still live by the “have fun…learn lots” model.  My kidhood guides instilled in me a great appreciation for the world around me and a love of the simple things. They showed me how to notice the beauty and magic of the every day. They helped me build a sense of the wider world and the skills to explore. My love and respect of kidhood is the foundation for the work I do today.