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Happy New Year!

Lot’s of new beginnings right now. The school year is in full swing. The air is getting crisp. I’ve pulled out my cozy sweater for early studio mornings. My very fun parentals are on their first giant vacation and we are looking forward to their stories upon their return. The New Year brings big exciting changes abound here. We’re spiffing up the studio space and have fun and interesting photo projects in the works.

On a personal note, it’s my first Rosh Hashanah. C and I are carving out our own traditions. After a wonderful day of making apple sauce and learning to braid challah, we hosted our first Rosh Hashanah dinner. Kate and D joined us and we ate and ate and talk about our hopes and wishes for the year to come. We found the recipe for the pumpkin spinach feta muffins here, the honey apple cake here and the fig challah here.

It’s a season full of  autumn adventures, holidays and family dinners and traditions. What a wonderful time to schedule a photo session to document your family’s adventures.